This is just a replica of what was hacked attacked by competitors that did not much care for Alaskan's figuring out how to handle the bundling of two Pacific Northwest mining properties to really help solve climate change problems.

But, according to the ADL, Alaska is the looser for failing to file assessment work paper on time at Bethal... because the District Recorder's Office had been shut down. And because an attempt to pay the $5,000 annual rental in time by using their new "use your credit card by mail" on-line form, well the (also a mess) which had been offered to a Chinese/Canadian stock company for $5 Million, my personal investment developing the claims( $500,000 over 40-years to the point of solving the 25% lead ore was workable without a road.

So I am not going to share HTML text with someone who figured out how to legally claim jump what would have had a really good chance of creating Alaskan jobs that would not have dissapeared behind a TSX wall of 43-101 descrimination.

All I got out of this "favortism" was a good chuckle in that a great uncle "Midas" had lost his gold claims during the stampeed North to Nome from the Klondike, to an allegedly corrupt land office, as James Mitchner allegedly tried to explain in his classic book, Alaska.

Guess It will be finishing out my magazine writing career, at age 78, by updating the first hand experience of the "Oregon Kid" to heading to Alaska to make his fortune.

The Mark Twain humor of it all being that "Midas" made his fortune by heading South to Africa. I had made the right choice to concentrate on my Oregon claims (which also cost $5,000 a year to reant from the BLM, where the bundling idea would have worked! Click the cover, and read past something more informative than a tweet.

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